Tooling up for a Job!!

Tooling up for a Job!!

No, we are not breaking into the local bank! But we are breaking new ground with our latest Tool heads for our CNC machines. We not have in-stock – wide head clearance tools – this means a more efficient cut and run on your job WHICH will save you money in CNC time!

We are always investing in the latest and best technology which gives our customers an enhanced finish – but we are also acutely aware of the costs of our jobs – so drive these down as low as we can to meet manufacturing demand and cost metrics.

The cutting and finishing of MDF, Ply Wood and softwoods is a big part of our engineering output so we must also ensure that when customer demands, customer gets – and due to our policy of same day turnaround for majority of our works – keeping our word is vital as part of our customer care and support.

With one of the largest stocks of tool heads in Wales, we know that we can provide not only a quality finish – time after time – but also at a cost the meets your needs.

When you are looking for a reliable CNC partner – thinking Glamorgan Engineering.