No Mr Bond, I expect you to Laser Etch

No Mr Bond, I expect you to Laser Etch

It might look like a giant Laser from the 70s and Gold Finger should be using it on James Bond, but we have the latest in Laser Etching machines here in Wales. Our 3m x 2m machine has the ability to burn the finest of marks or cut through 30mm acrylic with easy!

Used for a wide range of applications from Laser Edge Polishing of CNC works, Etching on Wood and Slate, through to cutting cardboard models and templates – the versatility of our laser adds to the creative capability of all our works.

Having just had its 9 month service – our Laser is as good as new, and cable of producing all your works efficiently and cost effectively.

With a tolerance as small as 0.01mm possible we can really work to the finest details.

With this in mind, we have just produced a range of Mothers Day, Heart Shaped slates with personalised messages on for a trade customer. Using our 3m x 2m size laser meant that they could laser etch 60 at a time, rather than 1 at a time that they had been doing on their small  desktop laser.

We brought economy of scale to their business, which allowed them to produce even more this year and deliver them all on time for that special mothers day present.