Are Neon Signs Expensive To Run?

High Quality LED NEON signs for less than you think

Here at Glam Signs, we are proud to hand-make our LED neon signs with the latest innovative technologies from start to finish. Our entire in-house design process allows you the full creative freedom to design the perfect specifications making them ideal to brighten up any storefront safely and effectively.

You might be wondering if purchasing a bespoke custom neon sign art for your business would come with high electricity running costs, which is why we’ve created this handy blog. Fortunately, most modern neon signs will use the same energy as your standard domestic lightbulb, with a lifetime of over 15,000 hours!
To find out more about how energy-efficient LED neon is and to understand our vision to be more sustainable as Wales’ favourite custom neon sign maker then keep reading.

How Energy Efficient Are LED Neon Signs?

The popularity of neon LED signs is increasing through commercial and personal use as they brighten up any office, restaurant, or showroom effortlessly. It’s easy to see why so many businesses have trusted us to give them the wow factor!

You may think that these signs would have high electricity consumption based on their strong impact, but neon signs generally will not use any more electricity than a standard lightbulb and are also up to 50% more efficient than fluorescent lighting fixtures! point to their businesses.

In terms of LED neon sign running costs on average, a typical LED neon sign costs less than 5p a day to run! This is why so many customers choose our signs to add fun and unique talking points to their branding.

If you are looking for a large neon sign then we will always consider the latest technology and options to make sure it’s safe, practical and economical, without compromising on the final look. Here at Glam Signs, we believe if we want a tomorrow, we have to look after today.

This is why you will always find our processes consider environmental impact such as raw sourcing 100% recycled and recyclable acrylics, carefully considered waste management and low energy use. We’re proud of the positive changes we’re making to our industry, and this proves that LED neon signs are not expensive to run!

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Do neon signs use a lot of electricity?
We use low-power use LED lights that are available in a full spectrum of colours and have a lifespan of over 15,000 hours that will always look as good as new.

Can I create a custom LED Neon Sign?
We manufacture the highest quality customer LED signs that can even include Remote Control Dimmers, Colour changers, Chase LED and a programmable LED so that you can computer control your sign!

Are LED Neon Signs Safe?
All our designs are made to specification, this includes everything you will need from pre-drilling for wall mounting (if required) and a 2m long UK power cable which is connected to a power adapter that is graded to the size of your sign for safety,

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