2023 Latest Innovation in LED NEON Signs – FRAME LESS

2023 Latest Innovation in LED NEON Signs – FRAME LESS

It has taken 3 months to perfect but we can now finally reveal the latest in LED NEON sign manufacturing technique – Frame Less!
Yes, less is MORE with the newest and boldest move in LED NEON light manufacturing for over 5 years.

GONE! is the need to have a big and bulky backboard holding your sign together – GONE is the need to obscure your wall / background with acrylic… Say hello to 2023 and a new way to create stunning and beautiful LED NEON Signs.

You can now truly unleash your design potential and not shackled by backgrounds! Create your way and get the LED NEON sign that you always wanted.

Made from 100% recycled acrylic, you still get the very best in modern materials, yet now you can show off your design and not worry about having to design around a process – you are FREE to design what YOU want!

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