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Sign Trays – Getting it right!

You see so many venues and shops in Wales opening up with an appearance that is, well, not conducive to grab that footfall.
Yes, when you are starting a business in Swansea or Neath or Cardiff, and every spent penny is profit lost – but also understanding how not spend money is just as important.

What we mean by this, is be careful when considering how to dress your shop front and windows wherever in South Wales you are.
You might think it is cheap and good value, but your potential customers will see cheap and not even stop to take a peak.

Customers have very high expectations and to drag them into a store and away from Internet shopping will take effort.

That first appearance is VITAL to get customers through the door and your shop signage and signs make that happen.

When you throw up a vinyl banner or bolt a bit of printed corex to your shop, what does that tell potential customers?
It tells them, you wont be there long, you don’t care about how you look and subsequently don’t care about your product.

It can cost just as much to do something badly as it can correctly!

Seek advice from your local welsh sign company on what works for your industry, the area you are in and tell them your budget.
Managing expectations is half the battle, and knowing that you have an experienced shoulder to seek advice on can help you tailor that budget.

Glam Signs Ltd, produce a wide range of budget friendly signs and shop signage. From your standard sign tray with applied vinyl, to your lite sign tray with opal inlay and even more luxury lite LED signs made from Acrylic and Opal. We understand how to make you stand out with quality yet not pay the silly prices that big sign makers are trying to charge.

Taking your brand and applying it to the front of a shop, does not have to cost the earth. With guidance and help, you can always have a great looking sign that will lure in customers at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Get your free consultation, and book here, with Glam Signs, Wales premier sign manufacture.

Going Mobile with LED NEON!

Specifically designed for use with LED NEON signs, you can now shine bright and bold wherever you are!

Our new range of take anywhere LED NEON signs are proving to be very popular!
Break free from the shackless of the Power Cable and connect up your 12v battery pack.

Ideal for Exhibitions when you have no power, carrying around at shows, campervans and caravans or when you simply don’t want a power lead in the way.

We have a range of options from Standard AA, Rechargeable AA and Rechargeable Solid State power units.
Wherever you need it, whenever you need it, we can get you seen with LED NEON from
Keep all the colours of the rainbow in your design and walk free with the latest designs or can be retro-fitted to most existing signs too!

Prices from £30 + vat you can be assured of staying bright and looking good!