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Types of Lighting – Halo Lite

You will not get a second chance to make that right first impression. And this old adage is not just true when meeting someone face-to-face, but it’s also true when it comes to your business signage.

Why? Well your company/venue/business sign is your best chance to grab a potential customer’s attention. It needs to deliver a powerful first impression of your business.

When was the last time you reviewed the front of your building, and how it should be attracting footfall. An outdated or unimpressive signage (damaged, weather worn), will cause people to just pass on by if you are lucky!
Worse is if they do notice you, and think “Im not going in there….” as they’ll be so more likely to stop into your competitor’s location because that have that first impression.

So as Autumn terms to Winter with early dark nights what is the best option to look at – Halo Lit.

Or also known as reverse channel lit signage, the overall effect of halo lit signage is a glowing, halo-like illumination in the shape of the sign. This is achieved because the aluminium faces and signs are mounted onto small standoffs away from the wall. These project the internal lighting onto the wall, creating an incredibly eye-catching and customer grabbing effect.

Halo lit signs are typically very light, made from materials such as aluminium, acrylic or plastic.

The interior lights are generally LEDs, which look beautiful and provide energy-efficient cost-savings over other types of lighting. The LEDs (and therefore the halo colour) is typically white, but other colours are available, depending on your branding needs.

You can also have different coloured aluminium; for example, their sign may feature writing in black with a star in yellow. Even if the halo lighting is all in white, it sets off the multi-coloured signage beautifully.

How Is Halo Lit Signage Installed?
Because the overall effect of halo lit signage depends on consistent projection onto a background surface, the installation works best on a flat wall. Corrugated and uneven surfaces pose a real challenge and sometimes will not achieve the desired effect.

When and Where Is Halo Lit Signage Typically Used?
Because the lighting effects are so dramatic, this style of signage works particularly well to draw attention to a business that is open after dark.
So your Restaurants, hotels, bars, and many retail stores use halo lit signage to give a sleek glow to their name or logo.

Even if your business closes its doors before the sun sets, halo lit signage is a great way to advertise your venue.

For your free design and quote, complete our online form – GET SEEN, GET a SIGN.

Sign Trays – Getting it right!

You see so many venues and shops in Wales opening up with an appearance that is, well, not conducive to grab that footfall.
Yes, when you are starting a business in Swansea or Neath or Cardiff, and every spent penny is profit lost – but also understanding how not spend money is just as important.

What we mean by this, is be careful when considering how to dress your shop front and windows wherever in South Wales you are.
You might think it is cheap and good value, but your potential customers will see cheap and not even stop to take a peak.

Customers have very high expectations and to drag them into a store and away from Internet shopping will take effort.

That first appearance is VITAL to get customers through the door and your shop signage and signs make that happen.

When you throw up a vinyl banner or bolt a bit of printed corex to your shop, what does that tell potential customers?
It tells them, you wont be there long, you don’t care about how you look and subsequently don’t care about your product.

It can cost just as much to do something badly as it can correctly!

Seek advice from your local welsh sign company on what works for your industry, the area you are in and tell them your budget.
Managing expectations is half the battle, and knowing that you have an experienced shoulder to seek advice on can help you tailor that budget.

Glam Signs Ltd, produce a wide range of budget friendly signs and shop signage. From your standard sign tray with applied vinyl, to your lite sign tray with opal inlay and even more luxury lite LED signs made from Acrylic and Opal. We understand how to make you stand out with quality yet not pay the silly prices that big sign makers are trying to charge.

Taking your brand and applying it to the front of a shop, does not have to cost the earth. With guidance and help, you can always have a great looking sign that will lure in customers at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Get your free consultation, and book here, with Glam Signs, Wales premier sign manufacture.

Going Mobile with LED NEON!

Specifically designed for use with LED NEON signs, you can now shine bright and bold wherever you are!

Our new range of take anywhere LED NEON signs are proving to be very popular!
Break free from the shackless of the Power Cable and connect up your 12v battery pack.

Ideal for Exhibitions when you have no power, carrying around at shows, campervans and caravans or when you simply don’t want a power lead in the way.

We have a range of options from Standard AA, Rechargeable AA and Rechargeable Solid State power units.
Wherever you need it, whenever you need it, we can get you seen with LED NEON from
Keep all the colours of the rainbow in your design and walk free with the latest designs or can be retro-fitted to most existing signs too!

Prices from £30 + vat you can be assured of staying bright and looking good!

Nathaniel MG Cars

Nathaniel Cars, we’ve been helping customers buy, sell and maintain their cars in South Wales and further afield for over thirty five years. With 2 landmark showrooms in Bridgend and Cardiff, Nathaniel are at the cutting edge of delivering motoring excellence.

GlamSigns have helped Nathanial Cars in both locations with updating their internal light decoration. A range of LED NEONS across the showroom including Car Brand Logos, Vibrant directional signs and product signs have added a modern touch to their latest in Electric Vehicles for the MG brand that they are so proud to be selling.

Our design team with the Nathaniel have created bespoke lighting that really adds value to the customer experience, yet keeps the focus on the Cars. With running costs as little as 2p hr hour for each LED Sign, not only do Nathaniel have amazing signs but also value for money too in running them.

Looking for a new or used car then visit for the best deals in Wales.

Come and see us at the VILLAGE HOTEL CLUB – SWANSEA.

Wedding Fayre on Sunday 2nd October at 11am.

We shall be giving visitors an exclusive first look at our range of LED NEON signs for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and anniversaries too.

FREE to attend – just register here for all your LED NEON – Made in Wales.

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GlamSigns, the Official Swansea City FC LED NEON supplier and all handmade in Wales.

For the 2022/23 EFL Championship season, we are proud to be working with our amazing local team Swansea City FC.
All LED NEON signs are handmade, here in Swansea by GlamSigns – the club is supporting local business and local jobs.

We already have the pleasure of creating the historic DOUBLE LED NEONs when Swansea did the DOUBLE for the first time in the history of the fixture against Cardiff City FC – winning both Home and Away games in the season. But now we have create a NEW special range of designs for the Team and it’s fans to enjoy

2022/2023 NEW SEASON
A new and exciting range of LED NEON gifts to brighten up any man cave, home bar, office, bedroom or any room in your home.

With personalisation and laser etching now being used together, you can create your own very special unique gift for that Swans Fan in your life.

The range consists of:

Bedroom LED NEON with the Ball and Shirt range
Wall LED NEON with the massive Shirts (and you have colour options too)
Chant LED NEON with #JackArmy #whoarearewe and “Take me the to the Vetch Field”
and the Legend Series were you can choose from a Swansea Legend from the past including Dyer, Monk, Gylfi, Michu, Britton, Curtis

all can be bought online from the official Swansea City FC Store here


If you would like to commission any special Swansea City LED NEON that is not currently available to buy from the store, then please contact us direct and we shall be happy to help.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to Laser Etch

It might look like a giant Laser from the 70s and Gold Finger should be using it on James Bond, but we have the latest in Laser Etching machines here in Wales. Our 3m x 2m machine has the ability to burn the finest of marks or cut through 30mm acrylic with easy!

Used for a wide range of applications from Laser Edge Polishing of CNC works, Etching on Wood and Slate, through to cutting cardboard models and templates – the versatility of our laser adds to the creative capability of all our works.

Having just had its 9 month service – our Laser is as good as new, and cable of producing all your works efficiently and cost effectively.

With a tolerance as small as 0.01mm possible we can really work to the finest details.

With this in mind, we have just produced a range of Mothers Day, Heart Shaped slates with personalised messages on for a trade customer. Using our 3m x 2m size laser meant that they could laser etch 60 at a time, rather than 1 at a time that they had been doing on their small  desktop laser.

We brought economy of scale to their business, which allowed them to produce even more this year and deliver them all on time for that special mothers day present.

Tooling up for a Job!!

No, we are not breaking into the local bank! But we are breaking new ground with our latest Tool heads for our CNC machines. We not have in-stock – wide head clearance tools – this means a more efficient cut and run on your job WHICH will save you money in CNC time!

We are always investing in the latest and best technology which gives our customers an enhanced finish – but we are also acutely aware of the costs of our jobs – so drive these down as low as we can to meet manufacturing demand and cost metrics.

The cutting and finishing of MDF, Ply Wood and softwoods is a big part of our engineering output so we must also ensure that when customer demands, customer gets – and due to our policy of same day turnaround for majority of our works – keeping our word is vital as part of our customer care and support.

With one of the largest stocks of tool heads in Wales, we know that we can provide not only a quality finish – time after time – but also at a cost the meets your needs.

When you are looking for a reliable CNC partner – thinking Glamorgan Engineering.

Adding to our Creative Team

This week we welcomed Luke Farnell to #TeamGlamorgan.

Luke has joined Glamorgan Engineering as Lead Designer and is responsible for all the amazing artwork and creative ideas that come out of our dream factory.

Having worked in the LED NEON industry before, Luke understands the finer points of how to design to get the very best out of LEDs.

Being a keen DJ and having headlined at In it together at Margam Park, he is a true creative across art and music.

Luke will bring a myriad of talents to the team and we shall help him by ensuring he has the right training and skills to operate of CNC and Laser machines – thus giving him all the tools he needs to understand and create that perfect LED NEON….We look forward to you meeting him when you visit us.

Swansea City NEON Signs

Our Local Club – A Real Honour

Having been fans of the Swans all our lives, it was a real pleasure to have worked with the Commercial Department to design and create a special LED NEON to celebrate the historic double win over Cardiff City in the 2021/22 season..

Wanting to create that special piece of art that could live in a supporters home, man cave or even a commercial bar was top of the list for an item to make an impact!

From initial design concepts through to signed off artwork by the Graphic Design Team at Swansea City, each step of the process had the fan in mind, and what they would love to see and own.

Made from 100% recycled plastics and the sign itself is 100% recyclable – having green credentials and a low onward carbon footprint was a big deciding factor for the club.


About The Swansea City Signs:

Available Sizes:

  • 500mm dia – Large
  • 120mm dia – Extra Large

Looking just as fresh and impactful OFF as it is ON, with super bright LEDs that will stay bright, it has been created and built with cutting edge laser engraving, LED lights and deep white silicon tops – this can be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Order Your Swansea City Neon Sign Online:
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